In this commercial for Southwest Airlines, a woman is dancing at many wedding receptions, in many different dresses. Wedding season can be expensive. Good thing Southwest Airlines has a sale on fares, starting as low as $73. Dance away, friends. 
"Wedding Season Dance Party - Southwest Airlines TV Commercial Ad"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Everybody deserves $73 fares, because wedding season can get expensive. Book your low fare now at  
(Lyrics) Oooh, baby, baby 
Baby, baby 
Oooh, baby, baby 
Oooh, baby, baby 
(Lyrics) Girls are fakin' 
Goodness sakin' 
They want a man who brings home the bacon 
(Lyrics) Sailing takes me away 
(Lyrics) It's such a good vibration 
It's such a sweet sensation 
It's such a

Written Text

As low as $73

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