Our new TV commercial for SMA Toddler Milk shows you that naughtiness is a sign that your toddler is developing well. Our 90 years of experience tells us that. Believe it or not, it’s a sure sign that you’re doing great.  
"SMA Toddler Milk – Naughtiness Shows You're Doing Great"

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Naughtiness shows your toddler's developing well. 90 years experience tells us that. So SMA Toddler Milk is enriched with vitamin D to help support normal growth and development in bones. Take it from us. You're doing great. 
(Lyrics) Perfectly perfect 
Except when I'm not 
I'm just so seemingly sunny 
Till things get too hot 
And we'll be so stupidly happy 
Till the cannonball drops 
And my dreams are ever so tempting 
Until they go pop, pop 
Chances are that our love is now utterly, thoroughly shot

Written Text

Enriched with vitamin D 
SMA Toddler Milk 
You're doing great

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