Amy Poehler stars in this Old Navy commercial as a hostess in a restaurant, with a bit of an attitude. 
"No Reservations (About These Coats) starring Amy Poehler"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm sorry. Maybe you try us back in like, three years.  
Hi, what's your name? 
Oh, we don't have a reservation. 
Hahahahahahaha. Hey! Whom are you wearing? 
Our coats? Old Navy. 
That coat's awesome.  
Thank you. 
Gimme that coat. 
Let her talk! Wait, you said you didn't have a reservation? No you do. Gimme the coat.  
You know, you can just go to Old Navy. All outerwear is on sale. 
No way. No, 'kay. 
The entire store is up to 50% off right now.  
50% off? 
Right now. 
Now now? 
Now now. 
Oh my God, let's go! Follow me, this has GPS. Wait a minute. Cheese.

Written Text

Entire Store Up To 50% Off 
Old Navy

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