"#BEGINDESIRE: MARTINI Streets of Rome - Full Length" 
To begin, you must Desire. Without that, you will achieve nothing. Love nothing. Change nothing. Because DESIRE is what starts it all. You know that feeling, that feeling at the beginning of the evening, when the possibilities sing to you their song of youth, begging you to just begin. 
This ad shows a man leaving a cafe in Rome. He leaves the waitress a note on his napkin, and she begins following the "Begin Desire" trail that he has set for her. She and a crowd of people start running through the streets as the mysterious man guides them. A policeman stops the woman while everyone else keeps running. He takes off her apron and puts it over her shoulders like a coat. Another woman on the street gives her a rose and then that woman is kissed by the policeman. The mystery man causes everyone else in the crowd to suddenly disappear leaving the waitress in front of a building reading, "The Future is You". A suitcase appears beside her and she runs into the building and takes the first train out of the city.

Written Text

Begin Desire 
Il Futuro Sei Tu 
(The Future is You) 
Desire Begins Change 

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