Everyone who works at Waitrose owns Waitrose. When you own something, you care just that little bit more. Our Christmas TV advert brings this idea to life through the story of a girl who is put in charge of making delicious gingerbread biscuits for her class’s stall at the school Christmas fair.  
"Waitrose Christmas Advert 2014 The Gingerbread Stall"

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So, who's going to help me this year with the Gingerbread stall? Wow. That's a lot of hands. Ellie, how 'bout you? 
When you own something, you care a little more. Everyone who works at Waitrose, owns Waitrose. So they care more. 
(Lyrics) I've chased after rainbows 
I've captured one or two 
I've reached for the stars, I've even held a few 
I've walked that lonesome valley 
Topped the mountains or the sky 
I've laughed and I have cried 
But I have always tried 
I've always been a dreamer 
And dreams are special things 
But dreams are of no value if inadequate with wings 
So secure yourself for climbing 
Make ready for the flight 
Don't let your chance go by 
You'll make it if you try 
So try to be the first one up the mountain 
And try to be the first to touch the sky 
So try each day to try a little harder 
'Cause you'll never really know if you don't try

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