Take a look at our latest Sears spot and share it using the hashtag #mybrotherworksatsears (or use the title of the Sears associate you know eg: mysisterworksatsears, mycousinworksatsears, myfriendworksatsears etc.)  
Find out who stopped by our Toronto office to visit his brother! Watch as Peter (long time Sears associate) explain to his brother what Sears Canada is all about and why we’re here to stay.  
"Sears Canada – #MyBrotherWorksAtSears"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ha! What are you doing in Toronto, Michael? 
I just came up to see how you're doing. Is Sears Canada going away? 
We're not going anywhere. You of all people should know not to believe everything you read in the papers.  
Are you referring to the Mike Myers Alien UFO Sex Diet? 
I did lose 15 pounds. 
Well, in a way, Sears Canada is getting leaner too. Do you know anything about the retail business? 
Not a lot. Just that Sears Canada has to demographically and psychographically alter the trajectory of its business model. But that would just be a wild guess.  
More or less. Are you going to do the tag line? 
To this commercial that's only being shown in Canada? Sure. Come see the softer side of Sears. 
We don't use that song anymore.  
Oh no. Ooh. Then how about, Sears Canada. My brother works there.  
You're an idiot. 
Idiot? What? You called me to do this commercial. Pete! Wait up.

Written Text

Sears Corporate Services 
Peter Myers, Sears Canada Employee - 32 Years 
Mike Myers, Peter's Brother - 51 Years 
My brother works there.

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