Everything you need in time for Christmas! 
We'll help you make this Christmas special with half price savings 
on a cosy new sofa, great ideas on giving everyone some extra room around the table and flexible sleeping options for guests. 
"DFS | Guaranteed Christmas Delivery | TV Advert | UK"

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We've got the very best people on the case. So many of our half priced winter collection sofas can be handmade and delivered in time for Christmas. There's also four years interest free credit. DFS. Making Christmas more comfortable. 
(Lyrics) Somebody's gonna make a happy trip tonight 
While the moon is bright 
He's gonna have a bag of crazy toys 
To give the groanies of the girls and boys 
So dig, Santa comes on big

Written Text

Half Price 
Guaranteed Christmas Delivery 
4 Years Interest Free Credit 
making Christmas more comfortable 
half price and guaranteed Christmas delivery

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