Welcome aboard your own private Jetta. The sedan features a state of the art cockpit with standard bluetooth and audio streaming for your entertainment. Once again, we’d like to thank you for choosing Jetta. 
"The new Volkswagen Jetta in “Take off”"

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Welcome aboard your own private Jetta. From the flight deck everything is first class. As we prepare for takeoff, please adjust your sport seat back to the position you want. Electronic devices may now be turned on for the duration of the trip. In the event of a loss of temperature, your seat cushion also doubles as an available bun warming device. Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the turbo charger. The new Volkswagen Jetta. Upgrade without breaking the bank.

Written Text

Volkswagen Jetta 
State-of-the-art cockpit 
Flight Attendant 
Incoming Call 
No airplane mode necessary 
Heated front seats 
The new Volkswagen Jetta 
From $17,325 
Jetta SEL shown 
Isn't it time for German engineering? 
Das Auto.

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