Our new TV advert is all about those special things at Christmas that bring a smile to your face. 
We've got a great range of gifts, clothing and food at Asda - from George Christmas jumpers and our exclusive George Home wooden toys range, to Extra Special mince pies, Venison Wellington and our tasty Profiterole Gateau. 
Smile this Christmas - with our exclusive festive range for your perfect Christmas- you're better off at Asda! 
"The story of Christmas smiles"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

With ASDA, there are lots of reasons to smile.  
It's enormous! Look at the top of it. 
At least he got the decorations right. 
George novelty knits, cozy. 
That makes us happy! 
Santa's coming! 
Extra special mince pies. Lucky Santa. 
Get up! Christmas! Come on! Christmas! 
Wow. Santa's dropped off some amazing toys.  
I got stuff! 
Mmm...venison Wellington. Look at all of that. Ooh, too slow, dad. Profiteroles, or a cake. Better get in there quick. Oh, she made it. 
Merry Christmas! 
Smile this Christmas with our exclusive festive range. For your perfect Christmas, you're better off at ASDA. 
(Lyrics) When you're smiling 
Oh when you're smiling  
The whole world smiles with you 
And when you're laughing 
Oh when you're laughing 
The sun comes shining through 
But when you're crying you bring on the rain 
Stop your sighing 
Won't you be happy again 
When you're smiling 
Keep on smiling and the whole world smiles with you 
When you're smiling 
Keep on smiling 
And the whole world smiles with you

Written Text

the story of Christmas smiles 
with ASDA 
the size does matter smile 
the wish you were here smile 
the Santa's in for a treat smile 
the he's been! smile 
the snooze you lose smile 
the you're lucky it's Christmas smile 
the I'm home smile 
the perfect Christmas smile 
you're better off at ASDA 
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