Wink was created to fit your lifestyle—and your budget. Control your home and your money by tracking how much energy you’re using on appliances like Quirky+GE’s Aros A/C; then just adjust settings and schedules on the app so you can save on energy costs. IN this commercial for the wink app, a couple stands in the kitchen, looking to see just how much energy all the appliances in the house are using. The woman notices that there is something in the house that is eating up quite a bit of electricity. Turns out, the robt butler is charging his battery. When he hears the couple talking, he tries to sneak away. But robots aren't good at sneaking anywhere. 

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Check this out. 
With wink we can see exactly how much energy we're using on each appliance in the house. 
Whoa. Something is using a ton of electricity. Must be the lights. 
Using the oven? 
Control your home and your money. Introducing wink. It's like a robot butler, but not as awkward.

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Control your Garage Door 
Control your Thermostat 
Control your Lights 
Control your Oven 
Control your Locks 
Control your Shades 
Control your Sprinklers 
Control your Outlets 
Control your Water Heater 
Control your Refrigerator 
Control your Smoke Detectors 
Build your smart home at

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