Rest easy; Wink won’t allow your smart products get too smart for their own good. Unlike other apps and services, it won’t ever share your private data. You can trick out your home with connected sensors like Tripper and no one will be privy to their readings but you. 

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If you have dandruff, sign up for 
Go, get out of here. 
50% off laser hair removal. You've been matched. Linda S. is only 3.2 miles away.  
No, no, no. 
Request accepted. 
Match confirmed. Message from Linda, What's up, Brandon? 
Control your entire home without your private data ever being shared. Introducing wink. It's like a robot butler, but not as awkward.

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Control your Garage Door 
Control your Thermostat 
Control your Lights 
Control your Oven 
Control your Locks 
Control your Shades 
Control your Sprinklers 
Control your Outlets 
Control your Water Heater 
Control your Refrigerator 
Control your Smoke Detectors 
Build your smart home at

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