You might not always have your smartphone handy, so Wink invented Relay: a non-creepy touchscreen controller that gives you access to all of your connected products from one central location. Have your entire home within reach, even when your devices aren’t. 

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Robot butler, can you shut the shades? Oh, and can you turn on air conditioning? Starting to sweat. I'll do it myself. Useless.  
That's nice. Sets the mood. 
Have your entire home within reach even when your devices aren't. Introducing relay by wink. It's like a robot butler, but not as awkward.

Written Text

Control your Garage door  
Control your Thermostat  
Control your Lights  
Control your Oven  
Control your Locks  
Control your Shades  
Control your Sprinklers  
Control your Outlets  
Control your Water Heater  
Control your Refrigerator  
Control your Smoke Detectors  
Build your smart home at

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