Controlling lights without getting out of bed or unlocking the doors when you forget your keys doesn’t have to come at the expense of your sanity. Take control of your entire connected home from one simple app (that won’t develop human emotions). 
"Need to Talk"

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Honey, we need to talk about robot butler. Look, I love the way he controls the lights and unlocks the door when I forget my keys, it's just that I feel like he's always watching us. 
Yes, that's why we should just use wink. Look, it can monitor and manage our house but it won't develop human emotions.  
Hey, buddy. 
Control your entire home with one simple app. Introducing wink. It's like a robot butler, but not as awkward.

Written Text

Control your Garage door  
Control your Thermostat  
Control your Lights  
Control your Oven  
Control your Locks  
Control your Shades  
Control your Sprinklers  
Control your Outlets  
Control your Water Heater  
Control your Refrigerator  
Control your Smoke Detectors  
Build your smart home at

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