Meet Bruce. Some think he's a hero, but he's here to set the record straight. No matter the strength of your moustache, you, Mo Bros, are out there and making a difference. And that's all that matters. Be a hero, sign up today: 
"Heroes Of Movember"

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There, there little kitty. You're safe now. 
I love you, too. 
A lot of people think I'm a hero. Easy to see why.  
Oh, you're my hero. 
Oh stop, please, that's enough. But it's people like Josh who are the true heroes. Josh, how much money have you raised for Movember so far? 
And how many times have you had mmm-mmm! with your girlfriend this month? 
It's complicated. 
He looks like a teenager! 
Yes, he does look like a teenager. Knock knock, who's there, his face is a joke. 
Whoa, hey. 
But, he's raising money and awareness for men's health issues. Let me put it this way. Would you rebuff the advances of a man who, while saving someone's life on a battlefield became less attractive? 
Well, I-I don't think it's the same thing.  
It's pretty much the exact same thing.  
I'm a soldier. 
I might watch for a bit. Mmm, that's what it's all about. They're both heroes. Movember. It starts in November.

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