Don’t deal with cable drama. Switch to U-verse TV #1 in overall customer satisfaction. The U-verse Revolves Around You. 
"Cable Coma– U-verse TV Commercial"

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Where am I? Is the cable guy here yet? 
You were waiting and slipped into a cable coma. Next time go with AT&T U-verse. They're number one in overall customer satisfaction. 
We'll switch tomorrow. 
But we're both busy, powerful attorneys... 
I'll sign us up with their easy to use website. 
Plus, they'll call before arriving to install it. 
You always get everything. 
My jealous twin sister.  
Don't deal with cable drama. Switch to U-verse TV. The U-verse revolves around you.

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Don't deal with cable drama. 
AT&T U-verse TV 
$19 a month for 2 years 
800.PICK.ATT | visit a store | 
Mobilizing Your World

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