"Wherever life takes you, take it with you" 
PANDORA's new TV commercial offers an engaging, emotional and visual journey of ‘unforgettable moments’ in a woman’s life, told from the perspective of her jewellery. 
This ad starts with a couple holding hands while ice skating. They continue through the holiday season doing fun and romantic things together and in every shot we can see the woman's Pandora bracelet, rings, or necklace.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wherever life takes you, take it with you. Pandora, unforgettable moments. 
We can climb the highest mountain 
Reaching up to catch our dreams 
Together there is nothing we can't be 
Dive into the deepest ocean 
Dance upon the rolling seas 
Make a moment, keep a memory 
You lift me up ... we are free 
I'd go anywhere ... you

Written Text

Unforgettable moments 
Wherever life takes you 
Take it with you

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