"Duluth Trading TV Commercial: Swingin' Made Easy, Flannel Made Burly"

Duluth Trading Free Swingin' Flannel will turn any man into a limberjack.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Meet the lumberjack whose flannel was out of whack. Freedom to move is what he lacked. Even when woodland creatures attack. Until he put Duluth Swingin' Flannel on his back. With armpit gussets to whack and hack. Now he's known as a limberjack. Duluth Trading Free Swingin' Flannel. Swingin' made easy. Flannel made burly. Get it. Only at

Written Text

Duluth Trading Free Swingin' Flannel
Free Swingin' Flannel
Armpit Gusset
Swingin' Made Easy. Flannel Made Burly.
Duluth Trading Co

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