Sharing a little too much information? Duluth Trading Longtail T® Shirts are the cure for Plumber's Butt. 
"Duluth Trading TV Commercial: Longtail T® Shirt - The Cure for Plumber's Butt"

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How to fix plumber's butt. Step one: Identify the problem. Step 2: Carefully remove shirt. Step 3: Put on a Duluth Longtail tee. Step 4: Double check your work. The Duluth Longtail Tee. Three inches longer to keep you covered. Get one, only at

Written Text

How To Fix Plumber's Butt 
1. Identify The Problem 
2. Carefully Remove Shirt 
3. Put On Duluth Longtail T 
4. Double Check Your Work 
Plumber's Butt Fixed 
Duluth Longtail T Shirt 
3" Longer To Keep You Covered 
Duluth Trading Co

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