Join Flo for a family dinner where each family member has something...interesting to add to the conversation. 
"Flo's Family - Progressive Insurance Commercial"

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At book club, they were asking me what you're doing now, Janice. 
Your blog is just pictures of you in a mirror. 
It's called a fashion blog, Todd. 
Well, I've been helping people save money with Progressive's discounts. 
Flo, can you get Janice a job? 
You should've stuck to softball! 
I was so much better at softball than Janice, dad. 
Where's your wife, Todd? 
Discounts like Homeowners, multi-policy. 
I got a discount on this ham. 
I've got the meat sweats.  
It's good ham, Diane. 
Paperless discounts. 
Give it a rest, Flo. 
Yeah, Flo. Give it a rest.

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