Progressive Commercial

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"Flo's Family - Progressive Insurance Commercial"

Join Flo for a family dinner where each family member has something...interesting to add to the conversation.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At book club, they were asking me what you're doing now, Janice.
Your blog is just pictures of you in a mirror.
It's called a fashion blog, Todd.
Well, I've been helping people save money with Progressive's discounts.
Flo, can you get Janice a job?
You should've stuck to softball!
I was so much better at softball than Janice, dad.
Where's your wife, Todd?
Discounts like Homeowners, multi-policy.
I got a discount on this ham.
I've got the meat sweats.
It's good ham, Diane.
Paperless discounts.
Give it a rest, Flo.
Yeah, Flo. Give it a rest.

Written Text

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