This commercial for the Ram 2500 truck begins with a little girl standing at the window inside her house, looking out on the cold, snowy world outside. She stands waiting for her father to return home. Soon, a Ram truck towing a horse trailer drives up the road to the house. The little girl runs outside in her pajamas to greet her father with a hug. The dad scoops up his daughter, and surprises her with a horse of her own - a small stuffed animal toy. 
"Ram Big Finish "Delivery" 2500"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Now with the best deals of the year on Ram trucks, best-in-class torque and towing means you can move just about anything, including the smallest of hearts. Hurry in for the Ram Big Finish Event. 
(Lyrics) Meet me where the sunlight ends 
Meet me where the truth never bends 
I want it all 
Bring your secrets 
Bring your scars 
Bring your glory, all you are 
Share your silence and unpack your heart

Written Text

Ram 2500 
Best-In-Class Gas Torque 
429 LB-FT & Towing 16,300 Lbs 
Big Finish 2014

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