This Ram commercial begins with a man washing a Ram 1500 truck. He takes great care with the truck, washing the exterior and cleaning the interior as well. As he steps back to take a look, a young woman comes out of the house, opens the back to load her boots before leaving for work as a firefighter. The woman hugs her father before jumping in the truck to leave for work as a Volunteer Firefighter.  
"Ram Big Finish "Wash" 1500"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

With the best deals of the year on the Ram truck, it's never been easier for you to go that extra mile. And there's comfort in knowing she's got what it takes to go even farther. Hurry in to the Ram Big Finish Event.  
(Lyrics) Meet me where the sunlight ends 
Meet me where the truth never bends 
I want it all 
Bring your secrets  
Bring your scars 
Bring your glory, all you are 
Share your silence and unpack your heart

Written Text

Ram 1500 
Best-In-Class 28 MPG HWY 
6 MPG Better Than Ford EcoBoost 
Big Finish 2014 

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