When is a man free to move like a man? When he's got on a Free Swingin' Flannel from Duluth Trading. Just beware of the surprises it could lead to! 
"Duluth Trading TV Ad: Free Swingin' Flannel (Have a Manly Christmas)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We wish you a manly Christmas 
We have free-swingin' flannel 
With gussets for your armpits 
So you'll move like a man 
This shirt is great 
Lift up things with ease 
But beware of beavers that fall out of trees 
Duluth Trading Free Swingin' Flannel with armpit gussets so a man's free to move like a man. Get one at and have a manly Christmas.

Written Text

Free Swingin' Flannel 
Armpit Gusset 
Freedom To Move Like A Man 
Duluth Trading Co 
Designed And Tested By Tradesmen 
Have A Manly Christmas

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