This holiday season, don't settle for half-fast Internet. Only Verizon FiOS comes with SpeedMatch where upload speeds are as fast as download speeds. 
"Half-Fast vs. Verizon FiOS - Holiday edition (:30)"

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Merry Christmas! 
Thanks, but this gift, it's kinda half fast. 
What's wrong? 
We still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads.  
So I'll be half fast when I share my photos.  
And I'll do a half fast job of updating my blog.  
Wait, is everything under this tree half fast? 
Who wants egg nog? 
Don't settle for half fast cable internet. Only Verizon FiOS comes with Speed match. Uploads as fast as downloads

Written Text

Introducing SpeedMatch 
Only On FiOS 
Uploads = Downloads 

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