A step by step guide to regular examination of your Furry friends, using Guinea pigs as visual aids.  
"Furballs - Testicular Cancer Canada - Commercial Ad"

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the furball, a.k.a. the Guinea Pig. Big or small, trimmed or bushy, no two are the same. So don't worry if yours don't look exactly like these. Despite spending their days where the sun don't shine, your Guineas are fragile, so it's important to check them once a month for any problems. First, stand in front of a mirror and check your boys for any swelling. Next, place your fingers around each little fellow and apply light pressure with your thumb. Continue to roll your furball between your thumb and your fingers gently. It shouldn't be painful. Be sure to cover the entire surface of your mini Guinea. Then, repeat the exam on your other furry friend. And there you have it. Two healthy testes. Guineas. I meant Guineas.

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Cancer Testiculaire Canada

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