"Selleys No More Gaps TV Commercial (2011)" 
This ad shows a man waiting for his wife to get ready to go out. When she decides to change her dress, he know he has some time for home improvement, so he caulks the wall. He finished before she does, and then she can't find her earrings so he decides he's going to start painting the wall next.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Man: Ready? 
Woman: I might just change my dress. 
Man: I might just fix that wall. 
Announcer: New Selleys No More Gaps fast dry. Ready to paint in 20 minutes. 
Woman: I can't find my earrings. 
Man: Ugh. Might paint the wall. 
Announcer: No More Gaps fast dry. If it's Selleys, it works.

Written Text

No More Gaps 
Fast Dry 
Ready to paint in 20 minutes 
If it's Selleys it works

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