We've teamed up with Spotify to make it showtime whenever you request a ride. You’re the DJ — connect Spotify to your Uber account and choose your music from the backseat. 
"Spotify Your Ride | Uber"

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Connect your Spotify Premium account. Choose your music and it'll stream in your Uber. There's a playlist for every ride. And now the music doesn't have to end. Your ride. Your music. Available on November 21st in select cities. 
(Lyrics) You got my blind heart holdin' on to you 
And when I try to control it 
But control is what I lose 
You got my blind heart holdin' on to you 
You got my blind heart holdin' on to you

Written Text

Spotify Your Uber 
Driver En Route 
Music By Spotify 
Blind Heart 
Your Ride. Your Music. 
Connect with Spotify and use your phone to add music to this ride. 
Available Nov. 21st 
In Select Cities 
Uber | Spotify

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