This ad shows two men with broken legs sitting on a park bench talking about their insurance options. One only has "major medical" insurance, while the other guy has that plus Aflac. The Aflac duck has a dance battle with a park pigeon to show him who's boss.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Man 1: Boy, I'm glad we got Aflac, huh? 
Duck: Aflac! 
Man 2: Ah, I've just got major medical. 
Pigeon: Major medical. 
Man 2: But, it helps pay the doctors. 
Pigeon: Pays the doctors, boy! 
Duck: Huh? 
Man 1: Oh yeah? What about your family? We added Aflac so we get cash. It's like our safety net. To help with the mortgage or whatever we need. So my family doesn't feel the pain too. 
Announcer: Help protect your family at

Written Text

Injury Sickness Disability Life

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