Flo's family gathers together for game night where Flo is drawing a picture doing her best to get her family to guess what it is. Her family is not so great at Family Game night, unfortunately. 
"Flo's Family: Game Night - Progressive Insurance Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh, I love game night! Ooh, it's a house! And a car!  
So far you're horrible at this, Flo. 
Yeah, no talent for drawing, Flo. 
House! Car! Oh! Raise the roof! No one? 
Remember when we used to raise the roof, Diane? 
Oh, quiet Richard! I'm trying to make sense of Flo's terrible drawing. 
I'll draw the pants off that thing! 
Oh, hats on hamburgers! Dancing! Drive-in movie theater!  
Home and auto! 
Stupid. Dumb. 
No! Home and auto bundle? From Progressive? Saves you money? 
Yay. Game night. So much fun.

Written Text

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