The HP Stream is a lot of computer for a little price. With 1 TB of free cloud storage for a year – you can access your music library, download and store videos and store your all of your Facebook pictures and selfies. Available in two vibrant colors, the 11 inch HP Stream is everything you need starting at $199.99 
"Microsoft “Tech vs. Non-Tech” – HP Stream"

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I'm so on top of the holidays this year.  
Really? Where's all your stuff? 
You're looking at it. The HP Stream. Love this thing. 
Hey, nice antlers. You got all your photos? 
Yeah. Has tons of cloud storage. And OneNote to sync lists straight to my phone. 
I've got lists. And lists. 
And it was under 200 bucks. Even made my holiday card.  
So I guess you could make my holiday card. It's worth a shot. 
Office 365 plus 1 terabyte of cloud storage free for one year.

Written Text

Office 365 + 1 TB cloud storage for 1 year 
HP Stream 
Starting at $199.99 

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