Boxing champion Zou ShiMing has to be quick on his feet and agile in his movements at all times. The intense preparation for every fight requires freedom from all distraction — including headphone wires. That’s why the new Powerbeats2 Wireless in-ears have become a crucial part of his workout regime. With the Powerbeats2 Wireless, he has the complete freedom needed to get his body ready for battle and the premium audio experience that he needs to get his head and his heart in the ring.  
"Beats by Dre Presents: Zou ShiMing in The Clash of Cotai"

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(Lyrics) This ain't no game 
I'm taking all you have 
And you're gonna pay for it 
I tell 'em all to hail King Kendrick 
Resurrectin' my vengeance 
Been dissectin' your motormouth 'til I break down your engine 
This ain't no warning shot, this a relevant henchman 
See my opponent then, cease your existence 
Endin' our friendship baby, I'd rather die alone 
Your diaphragm is dietary, what you eatin' on? 
Capture your audience with these words, boy 
The holy chapel, the tabernacle, the book of Matthew 
And Jesus starin' at you 
Take your turn, boy 
See, it's gon' take a whole lot of y'all to kill me 
See it's gon' take a whole tribe of y'all to kill me, I never die 
My pedigree apparently only to idolize 
Ahead of me is only my future and idle time 
Longevity, I gotta get used to makin' you mine 
You tellin' me I only get used to livin' if fine 
You can never live in my shoes, permanently paid from God 
When the sun goes down, I scream loud, I'll sleep when I die 
But I will never die, my legacy is alive

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Training Is Now Wireless 
Powerbeats2 Wireless

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