You. By Me. is a celebration of the unique relationships people share with their loved ones. Because the better you know someone, the more personal and unique your gift to them will be.  
"TK Maxx Christmas 2014"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

TK Maxx. Big labels, small prices. 
(Lyrics) I'm so happy to be here tonight 
So glad to be in your wonderful city 
Everybody needs somebody to love 
Sometimes I feel, I feel a little sad inside 
My baby mistreats me 
And I get, get a little, little mad 
And I need you 
Oh and you say yeah

Written Text

Jenny & Shane 
Delasi & Mariam 
Maira & Gabi 
Old Friends 
Jack & Emil 
Best Mates 
Siobhan & Georgie 
Mum & Daughter 
Real TK Maxx Shoppers Giving Unique Gifts 
1000s of Gifts At Magical TK Maxx Prices 
More Ways To Find Something Unique 
You. By Me. 
TK Maxx 
big labels. small prices. 

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