A man and a woman are sitting inside a Mercedes-Benz B-Class, stopped at a light. The man looks at the empty back seat and asks the woman what she thinks about having children. A series of events are shown in which the man is behaving somewhat like a child - floating a giant balloon outside the woman's office, tossing his duffel bag into the car through the moon roof and sneaking up on the woman as she sits in the car, making her jump. The woman tells the man exactly how she feels about having kids, saying that she's already got one - in him. 
"Mercedes-Benz TV: B-Class TV-Commercial Inner Child"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What do you think about having kids? 
I already have one. 
The new generation B-Class Sports Tourer. Room for the whole family and your dreams. Mercedes-Benz. The best or nothing.  
(Lyrics) Hope when the moment comes you'll say 
I-I did it all 
With every broken bone 
I swear I lived

Written Text

The new generation B-Class Sports Tourer. 
Room for the whole family and your dreams. 
The best or nothing.

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