"Katy Perry: Super Bowl Halftime Show | Hyped for Halftime | Pepsi - Super Bowl 2015" 
Katy Perry gets ready for her performance at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show on February 1st, 2015. 
This ad begins with someone dressed up in a pink astronaut outfit with cat ears on the helmet coming off the field of a giant lighted half-time show. This person takes off the helmet and it is Katy Perry. She tells us that we are in her half-time show testing facility which of full of all kids of wacky things like acrobat test dummies, fire-breathing sharks, whales, strange control systems, edible glitter, drum solo robots, unicorns, a time machine, kittens,

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Hi, I'm Katy Perry, pop star. Welcome to my half-time show testing facility. We're testing lots of things here today. I've got some insane ideas this year. Like, what if we covered the stadium in glitter, but the glitter was edible. 
So we're working on this new drum solo technology. Pretty advanced. Faster. Ahh! Send him back to space. 
It's here. Mmm. They said that these things were extinct, but I found one online. I said Pegasus, not unicorn! 
Huh, just doesn't feel dangerous enough. Could we wrap me in bacon? 
Yeah. Bacon. 
This halftime show is gonna be crazy. I got my time machine to bring in my very special guest. My dancers. Five six seven eight. And one, and two, and... kittens! Ah, this is great, but we're gonna need like a thousand of them. 
Check out what I am gonna wear. Thank you. It's here. Holy halftime show. 
See me at the Pepsi Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show. 
Baby, you're a firework

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Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show Testing Facility 
Jan 21 1989 12:00 
Nov 23 2014 1:35 
Hyped for halftime 
Super Bowl XLIX 
Pepsi Halftime Show 
Official soft drink of the National Football League 
Live for now

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