Run to Old Navy Thursday and Friday to score 50% off the entire store! Everything for everyone on your list is 50% off, Thursday and Friday at Old Navy. See store for details. Valid 11/27/14 4pm - 11/28/14 
"Million Dollar Diva starring Amy Poehler"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woo! Y'all ready to have some fun tonight? Wait, where is everybody? 
Oh, they're all at Old Navy. 
But I need my audience! 
I know, but someone is going to win a million dollars on Thanksgiving. 
That's crazy! 
They're crazy. 
But this is my second to last farewell tour. 
Oh, I know that, but Thursday and Friday the entire store is 50% off. 
Well I wanna go. Do you wanna come with? 
Uh, yeah. 
I don't like to be alone. 
Uh, the doors open at 4 PM. 
Do you have a car? 
It's my mom's. 
Come with me. 
Who do you love more, me or your mother? 

Written Text

One Lucky Winner 
50% Off Entire Store 
Thursday & Friday 
Old Navy 
Doors Open At 4PM 

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