Our best selling headphone is now wireless. To demonstrate the features and benefits of the Solo2 Wireless, Beats By Dre teamed up with pro football wide receiver, AJ Green. Now, he walks into work like a boss. 
"Beats By Dre Presents: Solo2 Wireless - AJ Green in The Arrival"

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AJ Green, he's just like you. Except he's in a commercial. Got hands like glue and just bought a 10,000 gallon saltwater fish tank. Otherwise, he do what you do. Drives to work, listens to his music, gets caught up in a wire based headphone situation. Mmm. I know you seen that. So like you, he went and did something about it. Now he walks into work like a boss! Like who? You. There you go, AJ. Exclusive at Verizon. 
(Lyrics) I'm just sittin' in the studio just tryna get to you, baby

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Reserved For 
AJ Green 
Red Beats Solo2 Wireless 
exclusively at Verizon

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