This is a commercial for the television series 'The Vampire Diaries' airing on The CW. The gang is on a mission to bring Bonnie back. TVD returns with all new episodes Thursday, Dec. 4 at 8/7c! 
"The Vampire Diaries - I Alone Trailer"

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December 4th... 
It's about Bonnie. Damon's doing everything that he can to bring her back. 
She's the reason I made it out alive. 
...The Vampire Diaries returns. 
Let's go get her. 
With all new episodes.  
I can't believe I'm hearing your voice right now.  
You're coming home. 
I would rather not clean up two corpses today. 
I'm British. 
I'm sorry for compelling away the memories. They were only half mine. 
We'll make new ones. 
(Lyrics) Walk right in all you sinners and saints 
Tonight's the night we're gonna take off these chains 
Open up your eyes you'll see 
They stole you water turned it into wine 
Sit back, relax, begin

Written Text

Thursday December 4 
The Vampire Diaries 
All New Episodes 
The CW

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