AT&T introduces their best-ever single line pricing. Get 3 GB of data with unlimited talk and text. A deal so good it will make you burst into song no matter where you are. 
"AT&T Holiday Commercial – Pear Tree"

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Right now you can get a single line with three Gigs for $65 a month. 
Three gigs is that a lot? 
That's about a hundred app downloads, 45 hours of streaming music and 6 hours of video playing.  
And fiiive golden rings! 
Oh, I see what you did. 
Four calling birds, three French hens...two turtle...doves. I really went for it there. 
Yeah. You did. You really really did. 
Now get 3 Gigs of data on one line for $65 a month. Switch to AT&T, buy a new smartphone and get $150 credit per line.

Written Text

Best-ever single line plan 
3 GB  
Switch to AT&T, buy a new smartphone and get $150 bill credit per eligible line. 
Mobilizing your world. 

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