"Harrods Presents: The Land of Make Believe - A Little Christmas Tail"

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As the crisp Christmas night falls over the city, the mice come out to work. They're busily preparing for Father Christmas's inspection. But one little mouse, Peter Pumpernickel, is just too small to help. So he quietly slips away. Suddenly, Father Christmas arrives. All the mice are pleased to see him, but he notices a tiny little mouse is missing. When Father Christmas finds him, he carefully picks Peter up as he lifts him up to a teeny hole. So small that only the tiniest mouse can climb through it. Tiny Peter scrambles out onto the windy ledge way up high. He stops at one light in particular and gives it a little wiggle and a twist. Father Christmas and tiny Peter Pumpernickel watch the lights twinkle as the snow begins to fall over London. 
Discover the land of make believe at Harrods this Christmas.

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A Little Christmas Tail 
As the crisp Christmas night falls over the city 
The Land of Make Believe 
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