"House of Fraser Christmas Advert" 
This advert shows models getting interviewed about Christmas and gift giving, and then they are shown giving a gift to someone of their choice.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi, my name is Frankie. 
My name is Jacob. 
My name is Donna. 
The best part about being a model... 
I meet some amazing people, and I get to travel 
Best gift you've ever received 
I think it might have to be my super tough burner BMX when I was seven years old 
Hardest person to shop for 
My dad 
My nan 
My mom is a nightmare to shop for 
What do you give the person who has everything 
A pat on the back 
I chose to give a gift to my dear old nan 
I've chosen to give a gift to my boyfriend today 
My, um, beautiful boyfriend 
Hopefully going to be my husband soon 
What have you got 
Here you go 
I got you a little gift 
I hope you like it 
Oh, I love it 
Merry Christmas 
Younger, younger, younger 
Are you? 
You ain't getting any 
Younger, younger, younger

Written Text

Be you no matter who this Christmas 
House of Fraser 
Since 1849 
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