One hand for tacos. One hand for dip. Zero hands for meeting your girlfriend’s father.  
Introducing Taco Bell’s new Rolled Chicken Tacos. With your choice of dips, it’s two handfuls of deliciousness. 
"Hello Father | 2014 Taco Bell® Rolled Chicken Tacos Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Very exciting. 
What a surprise! 
This is my new boyfriend, Mark, I was telling you about.  
Nice to meet you. Uh, gotta run, honey. 
All right. 
Always a pleasure. 
So easy to dip, so hard to put down. New Rolled Chicken Tacos. Tasty shredded chicken all rolled up with your choice of dips. Only at Taco Bell.

Written Text

Rolled Chicken Tacos 
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Taco Bell 
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