"Wix Presents: CREATE Powered by" believes everyone has the power to create. 
With Wix, you create anything online... Even the Stars. For 10 days, people from all over the world created and dedicated stars to the special people in their lives. On November 1st, Wix brought the stars to New York City for one night - and it was spectacular. Visit 
This shows something Wix put up in a big city so that people could "see" the stars even through all the light pollution.

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In most major cities it's impossible to see the stars. 
We decided to change that. 
In only 10 days over 150,000 people from every country in the world created and dedicated a star online. 
Then we projected them into the New York sky. 
Mom, you are my shining star! -Stephanie 
To my brand new niece, you are so loved already sweetheart -Auntie Charolette 
To Jack, I am so lucky to be your Grandma -Patty 
Oliver, I mess you. You were the best dog a boy could ask for -Jonathan 
WIX believes everyone should have the power to create. 
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