"Hilux Legend 45 TV Ad - 2014" 
Our latest ad celebrates 45 years of Legendary Hilux toughness. Introducing the new Hilux Legend 45: #WhatALegend 
This South African ad shows a couple from the past getting into their old Toyota Hilux pickup truck. They pop an 8 track into the radio and enjoy the music - a parody of a hit by The Proclaimers - and drive across the back roads of Africa. We then see a variety of people driving their Hilux through a variety of terrains.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

A legend always lives up to its name. The new Hilux Legend 45. 
This dedication goes out to a legend. 
When I start up I'm not afraid to look up 
I'm gonna be the one who makes it to the top 
Cause I can climb one thousand hills 
And I can climb 1000 more 
Just to be the one who climbed 2000 hills and still be up for more 
What a legend (what a legend) 
What a legend (what a legend) 
A legend really is the only one

Written Text

Ode to a Legend 
'n Bielie en 'n half 
Lead the way 
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