"Xmasnomatterwhat - IKEA Commercial (2014)" 
Christmas ad from IKEA  
* a mother trying to hang up a star holiday decoration just right 
* a boy wrapping a Christmas present 
* a man pulling something out of the oven which doesn't turn out anything like the picture he was going for - deformed Santa bread 
* father and son trying to unwrap the tangle of Christmas lights 
* a woman making homemade candles 
* a man having trouble fitting someone's name on a To/From tag 
* someone having trouble making candy and as well as a roast causing the smoke alarm to go off 
* trouble with a gingerbread house 
At then end, everything turns out just fine because the family was all able to get together.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Say it's alright 
It's all right 
Say it's alright 
It's all right 
Have a good time 
Cause it's all right 
Oh it's all right 
Now listen to the beat 
Kinda pat your feet 
You got soul, and everybody knows 
That it's all right, whoa, it's all right 
Now everybody clap your hands

Written Text

God Jul Onska 

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