What happens when all those milk and cookies catch up with Santa on his big night? He gets busted like never beforeā€¦ Should've used Poo~Pourri, Kringle!  
"Even Santa Poops -"

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Father Christmas? 
Oh, uh, hi. I-I-I didn't mean to wake you. Was just trying to find the loo. 
It wasn't you, it's that stench. 
I'm sorry, dearie. Just...go back to sleep. 
I was dreaming of sugar plums, then along came the ghost of Christmas ass. 
Uh, listen, just gimme a second, OK? And I'll wrap this right up. 
What is that smell? 
Oh geez, not again. 
Holy Saint Nicholas!  
Please, girls, go back to bed. 
He's dropping yule logs down his chimney. 
Come on now, a little privacy would be great. I've been holding this thing since Dubai.  
The whole house smells like a gingerbread manslaughter.  
I'm sorry. It's the milk and cookies, OK? Every year destroys me.  
Well now that you're here, dumping lumps of coal in our toilet, what did you get me for Christmas? 
I don't make a meal of it, OK? It's not that bad. 
Look what I found! 
Jesus, there's another one? Whoa, put that back! That's a... 
I was looking around for that horrible stench and I found this under the tree! 
That's not for you. 
iPhones! Hundreds of them! All for us! 
As soon as I'm done here, I'm gonna get those gifts back and you're all going on the naughty list.  
Oh yeah? Then I'm gonna put you on Instagram. #Busted! 
Do you know who I am? Do you have any idea? 
Put it in the cloud with a stinky fart! 
You can't blackmail Santa. 
Look Kringle, you never should've pinched off a hot slice of fruitcake without using poo-pourri. 
Poo-pourri. The gift that stops stinking. Since we're exchanging gifts, here's one for you. Next time, spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know. 
So you can keep sneaking without reeking. 
And your dingleberries will smell like jingle berries.  
Anything else? 
Yes, Santa. Hurry up. I really need to take a sh... 
Jingle bells, your poo smells 
Before you drop a bomb 
Click right here to save your rear 

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Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

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