Get going this Holiday season. But before you get the girl you have to get the gear. #GetYours 
"Champs Sports: Get Yours- Let's Go"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, what's up, you face time me? 
Oh, sorry. My bad, man. What's up? 
Nothing much, man. What we about to do tonight? 
Go to the diner. 
Yeah, man. The Diner is about to be poppin'! People are there right now. 
Hold up a sec.  
(Lyrics) No flex zone 
No flex zone 
They know better 
They know

Written Text

Look who just hit up Champs! 
Those are so sick! 
Yo! What's the move tonight? 
Katie Stanton 
It's going down. - at The Diner. 
Diner. Let's go! 
Get Yours 
This Holiday Season 
Champs Sports 
We Know Game.

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