The North Face See For Yourself cab drove around New York City giving unsuspecting passengers a choice — go on with their normal day or let us take them on an epic outdoor adventure. Would you #SeeForYourself? 
"The North Face: See For Yourself Cab"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How're you doing, guys? 
How're you doing today? 
Hey, how're you doing? 
Can you take us to 15 Broadway, please? 
OK. Enjoy the ride. 
Hey you. Do you see adventure where others do not? The North Face is ready to take you on an adventure right now and help you see the world for yourself.  
What is this? 
Let me ask you this. If I was to present you, right now today, with an opportunity to go on an adventure, would you drop everything that you're doing? 
Right now? 
We have to do it right this second? 
No, I gotta go to work. 
I can't, I have to go to work! 
The whole day. 
For the whole day. Entire day. 
Oh no, no, I might get fired. 
I have a plane to catch. 
So what if I said yes? 
Should we do it? 
OK. Alright, let's go. Let's go. 
I'm in! 
All right. 
Yeah, I'm in. 
So are you going to tell me where we're going? 
Are you nervous? 
Not at all? 
Maybe. Yeah. 
My boss is gonna kill me. 
So where do you think we're going right now? Do you have any idea? 
Well, I thought it was Texas, but we passed that about a thousand miles ago. 
We were in a taxi cab from New York to Utah. That's unreal. 
I hesitated at first, but I listened to my gut instinct and it told me that this was gonna be an awesome day. And it was.  
Another thing to cross off the list that I didn't even know I had there.  
I had no idea this was gonna happen, no. I don't, I don't think my friends will believe me.  
It was unbelievable. This is something I've been waiting to do my whole life. It's on now.  
I woke up this morning thinking it was just gonna be another normal day. But right now I'm feeling totally invigorated and just really happy to be alive, so... 
(Lyrics) Shoulda gone-a home 
But I stayed  
Chasing dreams tied to the road 
But I'll come back one day ya know 
Shoulda gona a-home 
But I'll stay in this car for love 
Won't shower till I have to 
Throwin' sticks at the guards 
Makin' love in the parlour 
Really isn't so hard 
Till we have to go 
And right after the show 
I'm gonna burn this mother down  
And race you to the next one 
To the next one, ah

Written Text

The North Face 
Do You Want To See For Yourself? 
Yes - I'm curious 
No - I can't right now 
Rockaway Beach, NY 
24 Miles From New York City 
Windham Mountain, NY 
143 Miles From New York City 
The Gunks, NY 
85 Miles From New York City 
Canyonlands, UT 
2138 Miles From New York City 
The North Face 
Never Stop Exploring 
Create Your Own Adventure 

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