The first-ever movie premiere at 30,000 feet. MasterCard surprises passengers with a premiere of the new Annie movie on an American Airlines flight. The star of the movie, Quvenzhane Wallis, and director Will Gluck also make a special appearance for a Q & A and to pass out more Priceless Surprises. 
"Priceless Surprises at 30,000 Feet! (Full Version)"

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I'm Will Gluck and I'm the director of the new Annie and this is Quvenzhane Wallis. 
Who is Annie. 
We're going to be surprising passengers on an American Airlines flight, and they don't know that we're going to be playing Annie. It's going to be the first ever movie premiere at 30,000 feet.  
It's gonna be... 
...A priceless surprise. 
Good morning and welcome to flight 4 with service to New York today... 
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being part of the first ever movie premiere at 30,000 feet. 3, 2, 1, Annie! 
They're watching it. Even businessmen. I can't wait to surprise them.  
Who cares about the director. What's more important is seeing the star of the movie, Quvenzhane Wallis. 
That was Annie! 
What's next for you, sir? What are you moving on to? 
Who did your sweatshirt tonight? 
Was this an amazing surprise? 
It was really good. 
I really loved it. 
What are you wearing tonight, sir? 
What was your favorite song? 
Hard Knock Life. 
It's a hard knock life for us. 
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow... 
You're always a day away

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Priceless Surprises! 
for MasterCard cardholders 
In theaters December 19 
American Airlines

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