What would you do to make someone‚Äôs holidays perfect? #MakeSomeoneHappy 
A young boy is sitting at the dining room table, drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola while looking at a Walmart sale paper. He is looking specifically at a bicycle. The boy sets out on a journey to go door to door, asking to do odd jobs, shoveling snow, cleaning windows, etc. in order to earn enough money to buy the bike. While it seems like he is working to buy the bike for himself, it turns out he is working to buy it for a Christmas gift for his younger brother.  
"Walmart and Coca-Cola Holiday Commercial - Earn It"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi. I was just wondering if you... 
Thank you. 
Hi. Hi. Um... 
Hi. I'm looking to make a... 
The entire side. I can get the... 
Thank you. 
Whoa! Is this for me? Yeah!

Written Text

Get what you really want for the holidays. 
Save money. Live better. 
Open happiness 

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