We follow a day in the life of one man. What at first seems to be a normal workday takes a strange turn.  
It takes a while to notice that something is off in this clip: our actor is not himself. He is a mannequin. An empty shell.  
That is how many people with depression feel. They go through the motions of their day, but they often lack the energy to truly be present, and yet no one notices. That is because depression is an invisible illness.  
Nevertheless, it is real and it can affect anyone: at some point in their lives, one out of five people in Switzerland will suffer from a mental illness which can develop into a psychological disability. One of the most difficult aspects for sufferers is that their condition is not taken seriously; however, depression is serious and it can be treated. Talking about it is the first step. 
Get closer. Pro Infirmis. 
"Pro Infirmis «I'm empty.»"

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Sleep is good. When I'm asleep, I'm gone. I wish I'd never wake up again. I look in the mirror and I don't recognize myself anymore. It's like looking through myself. I liked my job, was proud of what I achieved. Wanted to progress. Now everything is routine. I function like a machine. Without feelings. I don't feel anything anymore. Apart from fear. Fear of people. Fear of conversation. Of life. I could end it all. But even for that I'm too much of a coward. I know that I'm loved but I can't give anything back. I'm not myself anymore. I'm empty.

Written Text

A depression is not recognizable from outside.  
Get closer. 
pro infirmis 

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