Larry Culpepper is planning an epic College Football Playoff party, so he heads to the one place that has everything he needs: Walmart.  
"Ice Cold Dr Pepper Here - Larry Culpepper Heads to Walmart"

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I, Larry Culpepper, am gonna throw the greatest college football party ever.  
I should've made a list. Attention Walmart shoppers, Larry Culpepper's having a party.  
Hey, which one of these is best for watching college football playoff? 
Oh, all of 'em.  
I'll take all of 'em. 
You think salsa or guacamole goes better with college football? 
That's a great price! Hey, man! Can you help me get this out to my car? We're gonna take all this out to my car. 
Ice cold Dr. Pepper here! And Walmart. 
Got a football playoff party!

Written Text

College Football Playbook 
Be Ready To Entertain Like A Champion. 
Available at Walmart

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